Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church

Peace + Justice

Peace and Justice


We at LCPC understand that without social justice and equality, the peace that Jesus spoke much of will be far off and that the poor and disadvantaged will continue to suffer in an unequal world.


We take our responsibility to the planet and each other seriously. The care we take now helps sustain those less fortunate as well as our future generations. At LCPC we recognize the importance of sustaining God's great gift to us. We faithfully engage to make our church green. 


  • Work to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings.
  • Support inner-city partner North Church on energy savings.
  • Replaced inefficient appliances with EnergyStar rated ones.
  • Performed energy audits and acted upon results.
  • Hosted a community wide green fair.
  • Replaced incandescent lighting with CFL's & LEDs


- Developed by students at the Excel TECC ITP Program