Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church

Beloved Community

Beloved Community


Recognizing we are all God's beloved children, LCPC is committed to embracing the diversity of our congregation and our community We strive for diversity in all aspects of of our church life and community:

Theological Viewpoints: Differing theological viewpoints make for healthy and hearty discussions and help us expand our faith; Some in our community are longtime Presbyterians, some come from other Christian faith tradition and some are new to the church altogether.


Geography: Our membership includes longtime South Euclid/Lyndhurst residents,  people from around the globe and many in between. Some are rooted in this area, and some are passing through on temporary work or school assignments and some live outside of NE Ohio. Yet all are welcome and invited to be part of the fellowship.


Special Needs, Special Gifts: Our doors swing wide to people with special needs.  Adults with learning disabilities are encouraged to find our East Side Ministry Sunday School. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to worship.


LGBTQ:  We are a member of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians, whose mission "is to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, with the help of God's grace. We are called to achieve this goal by furthering the inclusion of LGBTQ persons, and by working for the unity of the PC(USA). We at LCPC believe that all are welcome to any aspect of church life, just as you are, with 100% equality.


Worship: We appreciate the breadth of religious expression and collaborate in interfaith and ecumenical events and worship.


Characters Welcome: We recognize the strength of the church is to be found when old and young listen to and grow from the wisdom of each other. Some of us are outgoing, a few are reserved; others are more opinionated and some go with the flow; some desire new expressions of worship and others appreciate what they have known through the years.


This is the way we believe the church ought to be. We realize God made us all in unique ways and has brought us together to travel on a journey. From our diverse backgrounds and perspectives we can see God working. Sharing with one another, we celebrate all that God is doing to bring peace and reconciliation to ourselves, our community, and in the world.


- Developed by students at the Excel TECC ITP Program